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DAS Public Nights

Public Nights
Tuesday and Thursday at
DU's Historic Chamberlin Observatory
Current start time is 8:30 pm.

Costs to the public are:
$4.00 adults, $3.00 children

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Astro Update, April 2019

Selected Summaries of Space News

by Don Lynn

Asteroid Sampled

Hayabusa2 (a Japanese spacecraft) has touched down on its target, the asteroid Ryugu, and completed a procedure to fire a projectile into it and collect the debris blown off. Another sample will be taken from inside a fresh impact crater to find out […]

Astro Update, March 2019

Selected Summaries of Space News More New Horizons Results

More data has been received from the New Horizons spacecraft since its recent flyby of the Kuiper Belt object informally named Ultima Thule. One new result is that the larger of the object’s two lobes is not so much spherical, as thick-pancake-shaped. This shape was determined […]

Astro Update, February 2019

Selected Summaries of Space News

by Don Lynn

Kuiper Belt Object Flyby

On December 31st, New Horizons (Pluto spacecraft) flew by the Kuiper Belt object 2014 MU69, since unofficially named Ultima Thule, at a distance of only 2200 miles, fervently taking images and other data. This was the farthest-from-Earth spacecraft encounter with any […]

Astro Update, January 2019

Selected Summaries of Space News

by Don Lynn

Phobos Grooves Explained

Since the first close-up images were taken of the Martian moon Phobos decades ago, scientists have argued about why there are long grooves on its surface. Leading theories were that the moon cracked from an impact or from tidal forces. But there […]