DAS Activities

DAS Public Nights

Public Nights
Tuesday and Thursday at
DU's Historic Chamberlin Observatory
Current start time is 7:30 pm
Costs to the public are:
$4.00 adults, $3.00 children

To book, please click:

Public Night

DAS Open House – September 2018

September 15, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 11:00 pm
DU's Historic Chamberlin Observatory
2930 E Warren Ave Denver
CO 80210 USA

Observing Highlights: Jupiter, Saturn, Mars

See information on DAS Open Houses

New Rules concerning DAS  member vehicle access to Observatory Park for equipment setup and tear-down:

  • DO NOT park on the lawn under ANY circumstances.
  • DO NOT drive on the lawn under ANY circumstances.
  • DO NOT park on the driveway or the round area near the observatory’s south doors for more time than it takes to unload/load equipment. The paved driveway is for unloading and loading of equipment ONLY.
  • DO NOT park (even temporarily) with tires off of the asphalt at all, even part way. All vehicles MUST remain entirely on the asphalt.
  • DO NOT try to drive around another vehicle that is blocking the driveway. Wait until the other vehicle moves out of the way.
  • DO NOT unload your gear and then set it up while your vehicle is parked on the driveway. Stop your vehicle, unload your gear onto the lawn, park your vehicle out on the street, then walk back and set up your equipment. Do the same in reverse: tear down and pack up your gear so it is ready to load, go get your vehicle, load your gear, and depart the park.

IMPORTANT: Only two vehicles should use the access driveway at one time. This will allow vehicles to turn around at the circle and leave the site moving forward.

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