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The DAS Public Outreach Committee directs, coordinates and controls the activities of the DAS in current outreach programs, development of new outreach programs, scientific and education programs, acquisition of equipment for outreach purposes, and to review and make recommendations concerning DAS's approval of any grant requests made of the DAS to further outreach, research, education, or to improve outreach sites and venues.

NSN LogoDAS Outreach activities are listed in the NASA Night Sky Network calendar.


Activities at Chamberlin Observatory

Public Nights
Public Nights are held every Tuesday and Thursday Evening at the University of Denver's Historic Chamberlin Observatory. The program features an informative astronomy lecture presented by a DAS volunteer and viewing through the University of Denver's famed 20-inch Alvan Clark-Saegmuller refracting telescope.

See the Public Night page for start times, fee schedules and additional information. Because of high demand, reservations are required. Please make them HERE.

Open Houses
The DAS hosts open houses at Chamberlin Observatory, usually once per month, generally on the Saturday nearest to the first quarter moon. See The Open Houses page for a complete schedule for this year as well as fee information. No reservations are required, but if you have a large group with special needs, please register HERE and provide information on your requirements.

External Outreach

Our External Outreach activities include the coordination of astronomy lectures and viewing opportunities for schools and other groups in the Denver and near-mountain area. See the External Outreach page for more information.

Special Events
The DAS also hosts special events that focus on special astronomical phenomena, like the upcoming Venus Transit of June 5, 2012, eclipses, large comets, and close approaches of planets.  Special events will be announced on the DAS home page and the DAS Facebook page.


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