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Membership in The Denver Astronomical Society is open to anyone wishing to join!
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The DAS is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation and has established three tax-deductible funds:

To contribute to one of these funds, please see Donation section of the PayPal Store

NEW MEMBERS in 2017: Welcome to the DAS! At the end of 2017, you will receive a renewal bill for a prorated amount for your second year of membership, equal to the number of months between the month you joined and the end of your joining year, times $3.00. (For example if you join in July 2017 you would pay $18.00 [6 mo x $3] to renew in January, 2018.)  
(NOTE: DAS members reactivating their membership after a delay in renewal will not receive the prorating discount.)

Feel free to ask: DAS Treasurer (membership questions) or
Webmaster (problems with the site)

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2. The DAS newsletter, The Denver Observer, is normally delivered electronically as a full-color PDF via Email notice. If you don't have adequate access to a computer, you may choose to receive a black and white version by postal mail one week later by clicking "no."

3. A printed roster will be distributed to all members when the renewal period for each year is over. You may opt to exclude your name and contact information from the roster, however we encourage you to be listed.

4. Please provide your home or cell phone number and (if you wish) your work phone. Only your home or cell phone will appear in the printed roster. If you want us to use a mailing address or email address different than that used by PayPal, please type the address in the message box provided when you check out.

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Magazine Discounts
DAS membership enables you to receive astronomy club discounts for Astronomy Magazine and Sky & Telescope. However, DAS will no longer be processing magazine subscriptions for members.

Both magazines have said that they will provide discounts for DAS members and will take DAS members at their word when they subscribe or renew.

Club-rate magazine subscription information will be provided in the welcome letter you will receive after your new membership has been processed (approximately 1 week).
Please verify your member dues selections here:
DAS Tax-Deductable Donations
Please open a new shopping cart for donations and submit for each tax-deductible fund individually
DAS General Fund
(Includes public outreach activities)
Any amount
DAS Van Nattan-Hansen Scholarship Fund
(Two scholarships per year to worthy graduating high school and undergraduate students in astronomy & the physical sciences)
Any amount
DAS Edmund G. Kline Dark Site Fund
(Includes Brooks Observatory)
Any amount
The DAS is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation

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