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For sale I’ve got the Meade Giant Field Tripod with APT Astro's AMF Equatorial Wedge for the NexStar GPS Model scopes and Meade SCTs.

I’m asking $500 for the pair. Please contact me at randyallen1@gmail.com if you have questions or would like to see more images.

There’s impressive stability and vibration suppression with these two in combination. Both items have traveled with me through the Rocky Mountain Region to various star parties (WUTS, RMSS, Enchanted Skies) as well as individual sojourns to Pawnee and Comanche Grasslands, the South Park region. There’s minor dents in the tripod as well as scrapes on the tripod and wedge with no effect on performance.

The bolt configuration of the wedge is suited for both Celestron and Meade SCTs, “APTAstro has introduced a wedge that is receiving extremely good reviews by astrophotographers. It is heavy and very solid and accepts both Celestron and Meade SCTs.”

The Meade Giant Field Tripod in many ways speaks for itself. This is the most stable tripod I’ve used for imaging. When I got it, I applied the Peterson Engineering kit to shorten the legs to make it more portable and even more stable (if that’s possible).

Here is a link that provides an in-depth review of AptAstro’s Wedge: http://www.nexstarsite.com/Reviews/APTWedge.htm

In short this is a very sturdy, stable platform for astrophotography. Setup is not difficult. In fact performing a polar alignment is made easier with AptAstro’s wedge design.

I accept either PayPal or cash, buyer would be responsible for PayPal fees. I'd prefer a "local" (Denver metro) purchase. If shipping these items buyer would pay for shipping as well.
D&G 6f 14.6, Achromatic Refractor Optical Tube Assembly


Dew shield and lens cap.
Rack and pinion focuser for 1.25 eyepieces.
9 x 50 finder.
Losmandy dove tail plate.
four tube rings.
sliding counter weight for eyepiece balancing.

Contact Tim Pimentel, tim.pimentel@yahoo.com

New, Never Used Astro-Photography Equipment

Orion Atlas EQ-G Computerized GoTo Telescope Mount and Tripod: $1000 (retail $1399)

Astro-Tech 8" f/8 Ritchey-Chritien astrograph, carbon fiber tube: $1000 (retail $1395)

I live here in Denver and purchased this equipment last year.  I did examine everything but I was never able to use it due to degenerative arthritis.

Everything is still in the original box, but the warranty is not transferable.

Ron Birrell
Celestron CPC 800 XLT Computerized Telescope w/Tube and Tripod
8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope
2032mm focal length
Aluminum optical tube construction
Starbright XLT high performance optical system
The scope is in absolutely perfect shape and the Starsense and Wedge are brand new.

$2200 or best offer for everything displayed

Andi Poland

Brand New Astro-Photography Equipment
Everything needed for an Astro-Photographer!!!
Never used, still in box, recently purchased.

Paid $3,042.00 Selling for only $2,800.00

Items located in Pueblo West, CO---so no shipping costs, just a short drive to pick up.
To view items look up on High Point Scientific

Sirius Celestron VX Mount Soft Carry Case - Blue - No Foam - SCB-2224-100 SRT-SCB-2224-100
Celestron T-Adapter for C5 - C14 Telescopes - 93633-A CEL-93633-A
Orion Magnificent Mini AutoGuider Package - 24781 ORI-24781
Orion Finder Scope Dovetail Mounting Base for SCT - 07215 ORI-07215
Celestron 11 lb. Advanced Series VX Counterweight - 94286 CEL-94286
Celestron NexStar Case for 4", 5", 6" and 8" OTA - 94003 CEL-94003
William Optics Binoviewer W/Eyepieces & Barlow Nosepiece - E-BINO-P WYO-E-BINO-P
Celestron Nikon T-Ring for 35mm SLR Cameras - 93402 CEL-93402
Celestron Sky Maps - 93722 CEL-93722
Celestron X-Cel LX 3X Barlow Lens - 1.25" - 93428 CEL-93428
Celestron Flexible Lens Shade for C6 & C8 SCT Telescopes - 94009 CEL-94009
Celestron 17AH 12 V Power Tank Portable Power Supply - 18777 - NEAF Demo CNP-CEL-18777
Celestron Lens Pen Optics Cleaning Tool 93575 CEL-93575
Celestron FireCel - Red - 93535 CEL-93535
Celestron f/6.3 Focal Reducer & Corrector - 94175 CEL-94175
Celestron Advanced VX Series 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain Go To Telescope - 12026 CEL-12026
Celestron 5amp AC Adapter for CGE, CGEM, and AVX Mounts - 18780 - NEAF Demo CNP-CEL-18780
Celestron 1.25" Eyepiece & Filter Kit With Aluminum Case - 94303 CEL-94303
FREE - Celestron Polar Scope for CG-5 Advanced & CGEM Mounts - 94224 CEL-94224

Contact Ida Rhodes 719-671-9263
Celestron CI-700 Mount, Tripod, and Case
*(these are not aftermarket exposed encoders)

Celestron CI-700 Mount Includes:

w/cables (functional but looking like they are ready to be refreshed)
+ New encoder cables (2) from US Digital (encoder connector one end, fly leads other end. No RJ45 connector crimped yet))
Control Box
Includes 12v cable for cigarette lighter jack
Motor Drive Cables
Hand controller w/cable
Polar Scope
Original Owner's Manual
Tripod (similar to and compatible with Losmandy HD tripod for G8 and G11)

Fixed length legs
Anvil Case for mount

The mount lives and travels in a custom case
$1200 for mount, tripod, and case.

Lots of pictures at: https://onedrive.liv...hint=folder,jpg

Contact: J120bowman at gmail dot com

4" Unitron Photoequatorial Refractor
Electric clock driven mount,
2.4" guidescope, solar projection screen/rod,
Super Unihex and regular Unihex,
camera mount,
2 sets of 0.965" Unitron eyepieces
60 mm and 40 mm eyepieces for Unihex,
2-1 1/4" eyepieces,
Duetron, camera with plates (bulb not usable),
original boxes for everything except the mount head,
many extra tubes/adaptors 
All for $3800

Please contact Pete at pbrayton55@gmail.com 303 594-3072

Celestron CPC 9.25-inch SCT
I am selling my Celestron CPC (9.25") Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. It is in excellent condition (purchased in April, 2009). It originally sat within my observatory on a hill behind my home in Boulder. We've since relocated and it's simply not practical to use where I am now. It's being sold "as is" but is in great shape and worked fine the last time I used it. Along with the scope comes all of the documentation materials, cords, controller, and accessories. This includes a solar filter (that covers the entire aperture of the scope), a moon filter and a UV filter, a Televue Nagler eyepiece as well as a few other eyepieces and a Barlow. Also a power tank for remote viewing, and a DSLR camera adapter (pictured). All of these items together originally sold for well over $3000."

Price: $1700.00

Please contact Barry at barry.halpern[at]gmail.com

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