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DAS Public Nights

Public Nights
Tuesday and Thursday at
DU's Historic Chamberlin Observatory
Current start time is 8:30 pm
Costs to the public are:
$4.00 adults, $3.00 children

To book, please click:

Public Night

Astro Calendar

“What’s Out Tonight – September 2018”
Star Chart and Data
(courtesy of Ken Graun © 2018)

Astronomical Things to See and Do – September 2018

(NOTE: to find the MST for UT, subtract 7 hours from the UT listing)

Planetary Phenomena

Planets in September 2018LocationAvg MagnitudeAvg SizeNotes
MercuryNot favorable for observing1.45.3"
VenusEvening Sky through Autumn-4.733.6"Crescent
MarsIn Western
JupiterLow in West -1.933.9"
SaturnIn central Sagittarius; Lower SW in evening sky0.4 17.0"
UranusIn SW Aries
rises before midnight
NeptuneVisible all night in

Moon Phenomena

Moon PhenomenaDateTime (UT)Comment
3rd QuarterSeptember 3rd 02 37
New MoonSeptember 9th 18 01Lunation 1184
1st QuarterSeptember 16th 23 15
Full MoonSeptember 25 02 52Harvest Moon
(Colonial American)

Meteor Showers

American Meteor Society: http://www.amsmeteors.org/meteor-showers/meteor-shower-calendar/


Weekly Comet News: http://www.aerith.net/comet/weekly/current.html

NASA Web page on comets: http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/planets/cometpage.html

Notable Objects for Deep Sky Observers

Catalog #DescriptionRight
NGC 6960, 6992/5, 7000Veil Nebula20 45.7 thru
+30.43 thru
NGC6888+Crescent Nebula
(Use nebular filter)
20 12.0+38 21Cygnus
M27Dumbbell Nebula19 59.6+22.43Vulpecula
M17Swan Nebula18 20.8-16.11Sagittarius
M10Globular Cluster (Best in Ophiuchus)16 57.1-04.06Ophiuchus
M5Globular Cluster15 18.6+02.05Serpens
M63Sunflower Galaxy13 15.8+42.02Canes Venatici
NGC 3242Ghost of Jupiter
(Planetary Nebula)
10 24.8-18 38Hydra
M3Globular Cluster13 42.2+28.23Canes Venatici
NOTES+ Challenge Object*If multiple, brightest component.

Observing Opportunities

Open House – Saturday, September 15th 7:30 pm – 11 pm at DU’s Historic Chamberlin Observatory (Open to Public)

EGK Dark Site – Any night or Dark Sky Weekend, September 8th (Members)