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Denver Observer Archives

The Monthly Newsletter of the Denver Astronomical Society

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Denver Observer issues from 1996 to 2018 are archived here. You will need a PDF Reader to view the PDF files. Download the free Adobe reader HERE  (will open a new browser window).

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Please submit articles and photos for new publications to Mike at editor@denverastro.org.

Last PDF Issue:  December 2018


  • December 2018
    This is the last Denver Observer that will be printed for distribution. In the future, links to the archived electronic version will be provided here.This month’s issue contains Zach’s December Skies, with finding information and descriptions of two fascinating multiple star systems; The President’s Message on using the new Member Portal; Don Lynn’s “Astro Update”: with news on new planet discoveries, the latest measured Neutron Star merger, and the NASA approval for building the Lucy Spacecraft, (which was described by the mission’s principal investigator Dr. Hal Levision at the April General Meeting.) DAS News: with info on the Holiday Banquet and a big donation from RSM.
  • November 2018
    This month’s Observer bids a fond farewell to views of Mars and Saturn, while welcoming the constellations and nebulae of Winter. Ron’s President’s message provides a great “users guide” for the new DAS Member Portal, while Don’s Astro Update provides the latest tech news in the field. You’ll also find sign-up information on the Holiday Banquet, Zach’s news on the coming movement of the “Observer” online. Cover image of the Pacman Nebula by Darrell Dodge; location and helpful observing information included in November Skies.

    October 2018
    The October 2018 issue provides a DAS auction preview; Zach’s parting look at this year’s full parade of planets; Ron Hranac’s explanation of the Observatory Park access requirements; observing and finding hints for the M30 globular cluster and the double star Dabih; a run-down of recent astronomy and space news by Don Lynn; and a heads-up for members about coming improvements in the DAS member support, communication, and joining/renewal systems. Splendid cover image of M30 courtesy NASA and ESA.

  • September 2018
    This month’s September Skies reviews the positions and movements of the Solar System extravaganza this month, with 4 bright planets and 2 more distant ones well placed for viewing. Also in this issue, the President’s Message points out that these planets and many other phenomena can be observed without a telescope.  Dr. Bob’s review of the light pollution situation in Colorado (and how to help the public and government representatives understand the skyglow problem), “DAS News,” and “Astro Update” round out the issue. New DAS member Steve Smith contributed the cover image of the asteroid Vesta in traveling through Ophiuchus on August 20th.
  • August 2018
    The August Observer features Ron Hranac’s review of DAS activities and benefits; news about recent happenings (including a remembrance of DAS member Chuck Carlson who passed away in July); and a preview of the August 24th General Meeting, where CU-Denver Assistant Professor Anthony Villano will give a review of research on dark matter and the current “particle hypothesis” for dark matter. Don Lynn’s “Astro Update” and Zach’s August Skies with Mars news and summer deep sky targets round out another informative issue. The evocative cover photo of an astronomical observer under the Milky Way was submitted by Ron Pearson.
  • July 2018
    July’s Observer features Ron Hranac’s historical review of DU’s Historic Chamberlin Observatory (celebrating its 125th year in 2019); news about upcoming events, including the presentation by Jeff Kanipe at the July 27th General Meeting; and notices about the passing of two key DAS members who will be sorely missed. There’s plenty of content in Don Lynn’s “Astro Update” and Zach’s July Skies,  which features important information on this year’s great Mars apparition  and the line-up of three major planets this summer, as well as some  interesting deep sky targets in the summer Milky Way.
  • June 2018
    This month’s issue features Ron Hranac’s take on the geographical and celestial perspectives of observing the heavens, both here and afar; and “Space News,” with a detailed review of the features of the latest planet hunter, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). “DAS news” previews the June General Meeting and introduces Scott Perrin, the new DAS Treasurer. Finally, Zach’s “June Skies” provides an exciting planetary review and information for finding double stars in the constellation Boötes. Sorin contributed the cover image of the International Space Station flying over the Grand Canyon.
  • May 2018
    With some big planets literally on the horizon, the theme of this month’s Observer is size: Zach’s preview of the planetary lineup starting this month (featuring Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the big asteroid Vesta) and Ron Hranac’s President’s message on how “size matters” in astronomy (actually, both large and very small), and lots of “Space News.” There’s also some DAS news, including the May General Meeting, the Member In-Reach, and DAS at the “March for Science.” May Skies provides information for finding and observing two unusual galaxies in Canes Venatici. Sorin contributed the striking cover image of the Moon and Venus.
  • April 2018
    This issue features Zach Singer’s April Skies’ planet review and info on how to find and observe M108 and the Owl Nebula; Ron Hranac’s “President’s Message” on finding that elusive “ideal telescope;” Don Lynn’s “Astro Update, including a retrospective of Dr. Stephen Hawking’s life and achievements, newly discovered evidence of the first stars, and an amateur’s first-ever imaging of a developing supernova. DAS News, highlights the upcoming April Member In-Reach Event, April volunteer opportunities, and the April General Meeting with a presentation by Dr. Hal Levison on the Lucy mission to the Trojan asteroids.
  • March 2018
    This issue features Ron Hranac’s “President’s Message” on the DAS’s impressive Public Outreach activities in 2017; Don Lynn’s “Astro Update;” and DAS News, with information about the March and April Member In-Reach Events and a photo of the presentation of the 2018 Bill Ormsby Volunteer Award to Eileen and Johnny Barela at the recent Spring Banquet. March Skies focuses on a small patch of the constellation Puppis that features two bright star clusters and a surprising planetary nebula. Don Lynn contributed the mosaic of last month’s early-morning Lunar eclipse.
  • February 2018
    This issue features Ron Hranac’s president’s message on the the two types of astronomical magnitude, (“How Bright Is That Object;”) Don Lynn’s “Astro Update;” DAS News, including the results of the E-Board election, info about the next In-Reach, and an invitation from Ron Pearson to participate in an experiment with a new imaging program; and February Skies, with Zach’s observing information on the currently difficult-to- find planets, some interesting stars and a famous planetary nebula in Gemini. Ron Pearson contributed the colorful cover image of the Orion Nebula.
  • January 2018
    This month’s issue features Monthly Skies, with a total lunar eclipse, two multiple star systems and an interesting nebula–not M42, though!–in Orion; Astro Update; a “state of the society President’s Message; and DAS News, including information on the upcoming General Meeting featuring writer and space artist Michael Carroll and including nominations for the 2018-19 E-Board. The amazing cover shot of the Flame Nebula in Orion was provided courtesy of the Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit.


  • December 2017
    This month’s issue features Zach’s detailed finding and observing information for a planetary nebula and other objects in Andromeda and Perseus, a President’s message on astronomy “lingo,” an “Astro Update” of space news by Don Lynn, information on volunteer outreach activities provided by July Candia, and news about the next general meeting, featuring EBoard nominations and a presentation by Michael Carroll. The cover this month is Joe Gafford’s enlightening image of the Little Dumbbell.
  • November 2017
    This month’s issue features detailed information on three galaxies in the constellation Triangulum, a President’s message on preparing for cold weather observing, an Astro Update of space news by Don Lynn, information on volunteer outreach activities provided by July Candia, and news about the next general meeting and In-Reach event. Alan Erickson’s wonderful M33 image is on the cover.
  • October 2017
    The October 2017 issue features a gallery of eclipse photos, including solar images and photos of DAS participants and Joe Gafford’s great totality cover shot. Ron Hranac’s President’s Message focuses on the “WOW experience” of the eclipse for all who witnessed it. “DAS News” provides information on the Auction, the October In-Reach and a list of outreach opportunities. October Skies locates and discusses how to get the most out of observing the North American Nebula, globular cluster 7006, and open cluster M39.
  • September 2017
    This issue features Sorin’s composite 62-minute time-lapse of the August 21st Solar eclipse; Ron Hranac’s President’s Message on weather forecasting for astronomy; Zach’s September Skies — focusing on the planetary lineup, Albireo, M56, and planetary nebulae M27 and M57. DAS News includes the Summer picnic, Dave Tondreau’s outreach to schools, a preview of the September 2nd In-Reach event, and our farewell to Leo Sack.
  • August 2017
    This issue’s monthly skies focuses on binary stars and a planetary nebula in Draco, the dragon. Ron Hranac provides a final safety and equipment check for the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st. DAS News includes info on this months’ General Meeting presentation”Shadows in Space,” by DU’s, Dr. Jennifer Hoffman; external outreach opportunities; the August In-Reach Solar Event at the Dark Site; and a new interactive round table format for the September In-Reach. NASA’s “Space Place” is a kid-friendly article on the Mars Pathfinder Mission
  • July 2017
    This issue’s monthly skies includes detailed planetary observing info and a focus on binary stars and deep sky objects in Scorpius. Don Lynn’s “Astro Update” provides recent research information on ultra-bright galaxies, Venusian volcanoes, gravitational waves, a new Type II Supernova, and more. Our NASA SpacePlace article this month provides the latest understanding of “The Shape of the Solar System.” DAS news includes info on the July General Meeting presentation by Ron Hranac on the Solar Eclipse, external outreach opportunities, the July In-Reach Solar Event, and the upcoming DAS Picnic. The HOT 4th of July cover, from NASA/ESA/J.Lowenthal, depicts six ultraluminous infrared galaxies.
  • June 2017
    The June 2017 issue features Ron’s “President’s Message,” with a full treatment of the upcoming total solar eclipse, including getting ready for the experience and safety considerations; Don Lynn’s “Astro Update” with latest astronomy research news; DAS News; and Zach’s “Monthly Skies,” focusing on the planets, and 3 interesting binary stars in Bootes. Cover Image: First-ever image of gravitationally lensed Type Ia supernova.
  • May 2017
    Monthly skies provides detailed planetary observing info and locating and observing hints for a binary star and two galaxies in the constellation Coma Berenices. Don Lynn’s “Astro Update,” provides breaking news on exoplanets and information on a plethora of astronomical phenomena. Digby Kirby’s article shows how new members can get plugged-in to the DAS and astronomy. Ron Hranac’s President’s Message is “On Happily Catching the Geek Bug,” the story of how he became a geek, hooked on technology and astronomy, and ended up with a lifetime occupation.
  • April 2017
    The April issue features Zach’s monthly skies, with location and observing data on 2 binaries and galaxy NGC 2903, all in Leo, plus the usual helpful solar system information. We have a great addition this month: Don Lynn (of DAS) has summarized a lot of what’s going on with various space missions, like the Dawn probe, etc.  We also have Ron Hranac’s President’s Message, about how we need to help the public when they get worried seeing Venus (“What is THAT?!”), and DAS news. The cover features a NASA, JPL-CalTech graphic comparing the recently discovered TRAPPIST-1 system with the Jupiter moon system and the Inner Solar System.
  • March 2017
    The March issue includes lots of planet news, Zack’s journey through high spots in Canis Major, President Ron Hranac’s plans for a reboot of DAS benefits for members, a preview of the August 21st total Solar eclipse, and lots of DAS news, including the new DAS EBoard, information about volunteer opportunities, and Messier Marathon info. Ron Pearson’s close-up view of M41 graces the cover.
  • February 2017
    The February issue includes Zach’s “Monthly Skies” on the visible planets & deep sky objects in Monoceros; Ron Hranac’s “DAS Leadership” message; and DAS News, including outreach opportunities and a call for EBoard nominations. The issue also provides a NASA Space Place feature on the NASA “Amateur Comet Campaign.” Cover image of the Rosette Nebula by Jon Martin.
  • January 2017
    The January issue includes Zach’s “Monthly Skies” on the visible planets, star clusters in Taurus, and the Crab Nebula; Ron Hranac’s “State of the Society” message; and DAS News, including outreach opportunities and a call for EBoard candidates. The issue also provides a NASA Space Place feature on the miniature satellites called CubeSats. Cover image of the Crab Nebula (M1) by Jon Martin.


  • December 2016
    The December issue includes Zach’s Monthly Skies on the planets and Cassiopeian star clusters M103 and NGC 663, Ron Hranac’s President’s Message describing his recent trip to Stonehenge and the site’s astronomical significance, and DAS News, including an announcement of the 2016 DAS Holiday Party. The issue also provides a NASA Space Place feature on planetary nebulae. The cover image is the PacMan Nebula (NGC 281) by Darrell Dodge.
  • November 2016
    This issue features Jack Eastman’s annual report on the Okie-Tex star party; Ron Hranac’s “Answers to Some Common Questions;” Zach’s “November Skies” highlighting fall planets, star clusters and a double; a NASA Space Place article on Proxima Centaur’s possible planet, and DAS news. Cover image of star cluster NGC 7380 and its Wizard by astrophoto wizard Joe Gafford.
  • October 2016
    This month’s Observer features Dave Tondreau’s article on Public Night program at DU’s Historic Chamberlin Observatory; Ron Hranac’s primer on how to provide information on telescopes for newbies to astrology — er, astronomy (just in time for Colorado Astronomy Day crowds); Zach’s “October Skies” (with info on grazing occultations, M15, and galaxy NGC 7331); a NASA Space Place article on gravitational lensing, and DAS News. Jeff Tropeano’s great image of M15 is on the cover.
  • September 2016
    The September Observer features fabulous cover art and a great article by Mike Carroll on “Planets in the Twilight Zone: Super-Earths and Sub-Neptunes;” “A Message to New and Recent Members,” from Digby Kirby, our New Member Ambassador; Ron Hranac’s deep “President’s Message,” on the mysteries of the electromagnetic spectrum; and Zachary Singer’s “September Skies.”
  • August 2016
    The August Observer features Jack Eastman’s RTMC Report, the Monthly Skies (featuring the Perseids, a very close conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, the other planets, Beta Lyrae/Sheliak, T Lyrae, and M57), a NASA article on the conjunction, President’s Message, a cover photo of M57 by Sorin, and of course, DAS News.
  • July 2016
    July’s Monthly Skies focuses on this summer’s great parade of planets, including how to find Uranus and Neptune, and takes a look at two star clusters in Scorpius, including the globular cluster M4, featured on this month’s cover. Ron Hranac explicates some of the mysteries of the International System of Units.  There’s also society news on the July 9th DAS Summer Picnic and Open House, a list of volunteer observing opportunities, Space Day photos, and a wonderful NASA Space Place image and description of the mysterious Bubble Nebula.
  • June 2016
    This month’s newsletter features Ron Hranac’s President’s Message on how to observe the Sun through your telescope. Monthly Skies focuses on this year’s apparitions of the planets Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn; and provides deeper sky information on the separate-though-near-to-each-other binaries Asselus Secundus and Asselus Tertius (Iota and Kappa Boo), as well as NGC 5248, a cool but not well-known galaxy south of Arcturus. Ron Pearson contributed cover art of the recent Mercury transit and an image of galaxy M101.
  • May 2016
    Highlights the Spring Banquet and DAS volunteer award winners. The president’s message explains the function and benefits of the DAS Yahoo Group. May Skies focuses on the planetary realm, with Mars, Saturn & Jupiter well-placed for observing in May 2016; NASA’s Space Place reports on the most distant galaxy captured by the Hubble Space Telescope.
  • April 2016
    Features Ron Hranac’s “Resources for Learning Astronomy,” NASA’s “Gravitational Wave Astronomy,” “April Skies,” a glorious cover image of M81 and M82 by Alan Erickson, and the best NASA/ESA composite image of the starburst galaxy, M82.
  • March 2016
    Ron Hranac’s President’s Message explains how to know when Aurorae are likely to appear in our skies; observing Jupiter and its moons;  Spring star clusters and galaxies; Messier Marathoning hints for 2016; NASA article on close new stars; Spring Banquet news and info on banquet speaker Mike Carroll; and volunteer opportunities. Cover image of the Monkey Head Nebula by Jon Martin.
  • February 2016
    February Skies highlights the planetary alignment and deep sky objects in the constellation Gemini; a “Meet Your Fellow Astronomer” article profiles Connor Bray, recent winner of a Van Nattan-Hansen scholarship; information on DAS outreach star parties, the February Annual Meeting speaker, Alan Erickson, and the farewell gift to Cathie and Tim Havens; Ron Hranac’s President’s Message highlights DAS volunteer opportunities. Astronomical images by Ron Pearson, Alan Erickson, and Darrell Dodge.
  • January 2016
    Includes January Skies and  “Getting Your Bearings,” a NASA Space Place article on black holes, Ron Hranac’s “State of the Society,” volunteer opportunities, and DAS member Jon Martin’s beautiful image of the Orion Nebula.


  • December 2015
    Our December 2015 newsletter features Jack Eastman’s annual report on the Okie-Tex star party; “December Skies” and “Getting Your Bearings,” with two helpful star charts by Zach Singer; and Ron Hranac’s President’s column on the huge impact of Einstein’s 100-year-old theory of General Relativity on our understanding of the universe. Images of NGC 891 and the Double Cluster by Darrell Dodge, along with DAS event schedules and public outreach opportunities.
  • November 2015

    The November issue features a stunning cover image of M31 and companions by Alan Erickson, Zach’s November Skies and Getting Your Bearings, a thoughtful President’s message on public outreach by Ron Hranac, a farewell letter from Cathie and Tim Havens, DAS external outreach opportunities, a NASA Space Place article on how we know that Mars has water, and lots of DAS news.
  • October 2015
    This issue features a luminous cover image of the Crescent Nebula by Alan Erickson, editor Zach Singer’s “October Skies” and “Getting Your Bearings”, Ron Hranac’s farewell to our beloved S&S Optika, an introduction of this year’s Van Nattan-Hansen scholarship winners, a “Meet Your Fellow Astronomer(s)” interview with Dave and Virginia Catlin, a long list of volunteer opportunities, and more.
  • September 2015
    This month’s issue features a lunar eclipse preview cover shot by Jeff Tropeano, editor Zach Singer’s “September Skies” and “Getting Your Bearings” (with great finder charts), Ron Hranac’s take on how to respond kindly to “unscientific” inquiries, an illustrated look-back at the 2015 DAS picnic, a list of volunteer opportunities, and more.
  • August 2015
    The August Denver Observer featuring a gorgeous aurora cover shot by Ron Pearson, an account of the 2015 RTMC by chief observer Jack Eastman, and editor Zach Singer’s “August Skies” and “Getting Your Bearings.”
  • July 2015
    This month’s issue features a cover photo of M13, taken by DAS member Jon Martin; editor Zach Singer’s July Skies; Ron Hranac’s column on taking your observing on the road; helpful observing charts, and lots of DAS news.
  • June 2015
    This month’s issue features a cover photo of the galaxy NGC 4565, taken by DAS member Jon Martin, editor Zach Singer’s June Skies, Ron Hranac’s column on advances in astronomy, an image of M51 by Sorin, helpful observing charts, and lots of DAS news.
  • May 2015
    This month’s issue was edited by our new editor – Zach Singer – and features a cover photo of the Heart Nebula, taken by DAS member Jon Martin. You’ll also enjoy Dennis Cochran’s Monthly Skies, a message on the ins-and-outs of binocular observing from Ron Hranac, a chart of the Virgo Galaxy Cluster, and lots of DAS news.
  • April 2015
    Cover Lunar Eclipse image by Ron Pearson. Dennis Cochran’s Monthly Skies, a message from Ron Hranac, reports on the Spring banquet and the April General Meeting (both of which featured presentations on astro-imaging), a “Meet Your Fellow Astronomer” column featuring Bernd Christensen.

March 2015
The Observer returns with a preview of the Spring Banquet, A message from President Ron Hranac, March Skies, and Sorin’s great cover image of Comet Lovejoy C2014 passing by the Pleiades.

 Note: Denver Observer not published from October 2014 to February 2015


  • September 2014
    Features Jeff Tropeano’s one-shot Milky Way cover image, information on great astronomy books, a ramble through the month’s deep skies, a list of upcoming volunteer outreach activities, photos of the DAS picnic, a preview of the Okie-Tex Star Party, a Star Stare Milky Way image by David Shouldice.
  • August 2014
    Photos of the 120th Anniversary of DU’s historic Chamberlin Observatory by DAS members Chuck Habenicht, Don Lynn, Bernd Christensen and Brad Gilman. Info on the DAS Summer Picnic at the Bear Creek Lake Park near Morrison, Ron Hranac’s President’s Corner on the Perseid meteor shower, the Monthly Skies report; a NASA article on the heliosphere, and a preview of the August General Meeting, featuring Mike Roos. Images by DAS members Joe Gafford (cover Cat’s Paw), Jeff Tropeano (backyard M13), and Brian Kimball (solar prominence.)
  • July 2014
    DAS summer event news: 120th Anniversary of DU’s historic Chamberlin Observatory, the July General Meeting with a presentation by Colorado space artist Michael Carroll, and the DAS Summer Picnic at the Bear Creek Lake Park near Morrison. “Fellow Astronomer” profile of AL Master Observer Mike Hotka; the regular President’s Corner and Monthly Skies reports; a NASA Space Place article on gravitational lensing in galaxy cluster Abel 2218; Donald Lynn’s review of the Starlight Festival; upcoming outreach activities for DAS volunteers. Images by Roger Clark (cover Milky Way landscape), Alan Erickson (Milky Way at the TSP), Jon Martin (Ganymede shadow transit of Jupiter), and Darrell Dodge (globular cluster M4).
  • June 2014
    News of recent DAS member outreach activities at DMNS Solar Day and the StarFest convention, plus a list of upcoming outreach opportunities. “Fellow Astronomer” profile of new member Isaac Fluss; President’s Corner and Monthly Skies reports; a NASA Space Place article on the Solar Systems’ hottest planet; formal announcement of the EBoard’s appointment of Stuart Hutchins to serve as DAS Vice President. Images provided by Kyle Williams (M3), Naomi Pequette and Chuck Habenicht (Solar Day), and Darrell Dodge (Virgo Galaxy Cluster Cover)
  • May 2014
    A plethora of images of the April 15th total Lunar eclipse by DAS members Roger Clark, Jeff Tropeano, David Shouldice, Ricardo Viera, Don Lynn, and Sorin; Dena’s “Fellow Astronomer” profile of Darrell Dodge; Sorin’s report on his outreach activities at AnomalyCon (a Steampunk, Doctor Who convention); a NASA Space Place article on the immense power of the Sun; as well as Ron Hranac’s President’s Corner and Dennis Cochran’s Monthly Skies report. Kyle Williams contributed his fine image of galaxy M101.
  • April 2014
    Review of Steve Tuma’s DeepSky Astronomy Software by Bruce Health and Mike Hotka; Dennis Cochran’s April Skies; Ron Hranac’s view of what it means to be an amateur astronomer; a NASA Space Place article on the use of GPS for terrestrial reference frames; a new job Jar; info on the Van Nattan-Hansen scholarship; and a list of summer star parties. Astrophotos by Donald Lynn (Moon), Jeff Tropeano (M42), and Darrell Dodge (Hickson 44.)
  • March 2014
    Sorin’s review of the SkySafari 3 planetarium app, a “Fellow Astronomer” profile of David Shouldice, Messier Marathon primer and hints, Ron Hranac on observing beyond the visual wave-length, Dennis Cochran’s March Skies and Martian alert, NASA SpacePlace on Saturn’s “Phoebe Ring,” and a preview of the April meeting presentation on the New Horizons mission to the Pluto System by SWRI scientist Dr. John Spencer. Astrophotos by Sorin (Orion constellation) and Darrell Dodge (NGC 4565.)
  • February 2014
    Panoramic view of galaxies in Virgo and Coma by Roger Clark, M82 supernova by Craig Betzina and Brian Kimball, “state of the society” message by Pres. Ron Hranac, February Skies by Dennis Cochran, profile of new DAS member Sorin, ESA Rosetta Mission, NASA Space Place on young blue stars in globulars, Annual Meeting preview, SPRING BANQUET (featuring Dr. Richard Keen), answers to January’s bubble quiz, images by Sorin (Jupiter) and Kyle Williams (Pelican Nebula).
  • January 2014
    Review of Michael Carroll’s new book “Alien Seas;” Ron Hranac’s President’s Corner on observing meteor showers; January Skies; “Meet Your Fellow Astronomer;” information on the erJanuary general meeting, including important info on Olin Hall general meeting parking changes; Lisa Judd’s latest cloudy nights Bubble quiz; and a stunning annotated Saturn photo from NASA. Astronomical images Roger Clark (Maroon Bells Nightscape) and Darrell Dodge (Fireworks galaxy.)


  • December 2013
    Two great astrophotos by Roger Clark (wide-field Horse Head covershot and spectacular view of ISON’s long tail on November 18th.) Also: additional ISON photos by Sorin, Ricardo Viera, and Darrell Dodge; a “Beginner’s Bits” on the importance of telescope aperture, profile of a DAS member Naomi Pequette, December Skies, Ron Hranac’s practical insights on telescope batteries, and a NASA Space Place article on the most volcanically active astronomical object known to man.
  • November 2013
    Prospects for comet ISON C/2012. ISON finder chart for November 20th by Dr. Roger Clark. Photo spread on Space Day at the DMNS. DAS attendees at this year’s Okie-Tex. President’s Message, November Skies, Lisa Judd’s “Beginner’s Bits” on the complexities of magnitude, “Fellow Astronomer” profile of Kyle Williams. Cover image of the Pleiades by Darrell Dodge and wide-angle image of Mars and C/2012 S1 ISON by Roger Clark. ISON taken by Joe Gafford at Okie-Tex.
  • October 2013
    Dr. Roger Clark on wide-field DSLR astrophotography (with an eye to comet ISON), the second “Meet Your Fellow Astronomer” DAS member profile, Ron Hranac’s President’s Message on “WOW factor” objects for public viewing, Dennis Cochran’s September Skies. Astrophotos by Scott Leach (M31 cover), Darrell Dodge (Double Cluster), Roger Clark (wide-field Milky Way and San Juans), and Martin Yeager (DU’s Historic Chamberlin Observatory at night.)
  • September 2013 (4.5MB)
    “Meet Your Fellow Astronomer” DAS member profile, a selection of member astro-photos, Ron Pearson’s shot of the recent nova in Delphinus, Ron Hranac’s Presidents Corner on practicing “safe astronomy,” September Skies, an article on Dark Energy from NASA Space Place, cover image of North American Nebula and Pelican complex, Darrell Dodge.
  • August 2013 (3.9MB)
    Jack Eastman’s nostalgic look at the old Griffith Observatory Planetarium, Ron Hranac on communicating enthusiasm for astronomy, August Skies, NASA “Space Place” review of the early history of astrophotography, an August public meeting preview, an updated DAS Job Jar, and answers to last month’s Non-planetary Nebula crossword. Astronomical images by Phillip Good (Witch’s Broom cover shot) and Darrell Dodge (Eagle Nebula).
  • July 2013 (2.4MB) 
    Jack Eastman’s account of the Riverside Telescope Makers Conference; Ron Hranac’s humorous view of public outreach interactions; July Skies; NASA’s Asteroid Initiative challenge to amateurs; a July public meeting preview; DAS Picnic news, and images by David Shouldice (RMSS cover shot) and Darrell Dodge (Trifid Nebula).
  • June 2013 (2.4MB)
    Chuck Habenicht’s Space Day photos, Ron Hranac’s star party checklist, Monthly Skies, Lisa Judd’s tour of the Summer Milky Way, a NASA article on dark matter, info on the June general meeting speaker, Dr. Doug Duncan. Images of M101 (Alan Erickson), M13 (Darrell Dodge), and the Milky Way rising above Balanced Rock in Arches National Park (Roger Clark).
  • May 2013 (1.5MB)
    Ron Hranac’s view of the big and small, Dennis Cochran’s May Skies; book review of Caleb Scharf’s Gravity’s Engines (the latest on black holes), Lisa Judd’s primer on seeing and transparency, NASA info on the recent storm on Saturn, Roger Clark’s Serengeti Milky Way image; commentary on comets by Frederick Miller, PhD. Cover photo of comet PanSTARRS and M31 by Darrell Dodge.
  • April 2013 (8.5MB)
    Comet PanSTARRS issue. April Skies, Ron Hranac’s first “President’s Corner,” Lisa Judd’s “Eclipse and Southern Skies” trip report, PanSTARRS images by DAS members: Roger Clark, Darrell Dodge, Ron Hranac, Don Lynn, Ron Pearson, and Greg Wimpey. Joe Gafford’s M3.
  • March 2013 (2MB)
    Part 2 of “Ridiculously Tiny Telescopes;” Ron Pearson’s farewell “President’s Corner;” Messier Marathon Preview;  Comet PanSTARRS info; Job Jar; March Skies; 2013-14 election results; astrophotos by Ron Pearson, Joe Gafford, and Darrell Dodge.
  • February 2013 (3MB)
    Jack Eastman describes his “ridiculously tiny” telescopes; review of John Gribben’s “Alone in the Universe” by Darrell Dodge; Ron Pearson’s President’s Corner on observing comets in 2013; asteroid 2012 DA14 flyby;  February Skies.
  • January 2013 (2MB)|
    Bill Ormsby Memorial Issue; Presidents Corner; January Skies; Trip Report: Arizona Science & Astronomy Expo; DAS Job Jar. Images by Ron Pearson (C/2012 K5 LINEAR) and Darrell Dodge (M78 complex).


  • December 2012(6MB)
    Year of the Comets?; Beginner’s Bits: Filters; Tim Pimentel’s Chamberlin Clocks; NASA Space Place: Goldilocks Zone; images by Darrell Dodge (Angel Nebula) and Ron Pearson (Orion Rising); Jumble Puzzle.
  • November 2012(3MB)
    Jack Eastman on this year’s Okie-Tex star party; Dennis Cochran’s November Skies; President’s Corner; Colorado Astronomy Day Wrap-up; Herschel Space Telescope Science Team by NASA’s Space Place; astro images by Joe Gafford (Double cluster) and Darrell Dodge (Iris Nebula); and Alan Erickson’s narrowband Elephant’s Trunk.
  • October 2012 (3.1MB)
    October Skies and President’s Corner; First Showing of “The City Dark” in Denver; Beginner’s Bits: Meteor Showers; CAD Preview.
  • September 2012 (3.0MB)
    Cover image of the Rho Ophiuchi region by Joe Gafford. September Skies; the September speaker Peg Alig; the DAS Adopt-a-Telescope project; the BioBlitz sky brightness program; deciphering Greek alphabet and other star designations. Additional images provided by Roger Clark (Milky Way), and Darrell Dodge (M27, the Dumbbell Nebula.)
  • August 2012 (3.9MB)
    “RTMC or Bust” by Jack Eastman; Presidents Corner; August Skies; Recent NASA Discoveries; IDA membership contest; Okie-Tex Star Party Preview; Windscreen tests. Glorious images by Roger Clark (Milky Way), Patrick Gaines (Perseid), and Ron Pearson (Solar Prominence).
  • July 2012 (6.4MB)
    Focus on the 2012 Transit of Venus at DMNS and Chamberlin; the Dark Site Oil Well; July Skies, Dennis Cochran.
  • June 2012 (3.7MB)
    Photos of the annular eclipse submitted by DAS members from many places in the western U.S., June Skies, President’s Corner, the Summer Sky for beginners by Lisa Judd, info and hints for doing the Astronomical League’s Sunspotter observing program, Dark Site update on the new windscreen.
  • May 2012 (3.5MB)
    “May Skies;” President’s Corner; annular eclipse and Venus transit observing events; recent DAS AL Observing Awards; Europe’s Rossetta mission to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko; Star Colors for beginners, NASA’s call for amateur observations of asteroids; puzzles by Jack Eastman & Lisa Judd.
  • April 2012 (1.3MB)
    “April Skies;” President’s Corner; info on special DAS and DMNS observing events upcoming in 2012; a Beginners Bits on learning constellations; “Planet in the Machine” by NASA; the new DAS Job Jar; a preview of the April General Meeting on the Herschel Space Telescope, and view images by Ron Pearson and Darrell Dodge.
  • March 2012 (3.3MB)
    Resolving Globular Clusters with Collins I3 Eyepieces, by Ed Mihelich; Messier “Beginner’s Bits” and “Bubbler” answers, Lisa Judd; Messier Marathon Preview; March Skies by Dennis Cochran; President’s Corner; Banquet Info; Images by Darrell Dodge, Joe Gafford, Brian Kimball and Steve Solon.
  • February 2012  (794KB)
    February Skies, Dennis Cochran; March Banquet speaker, Bruce McCandless II and invitation; President’s Corner; “Magnitude” for novices, by Lisa Judd; GOES App from NASA; images by Joe Gafford (NGC247) and Darrell Dodge (Heart Nebula.) “Messier Bubbler” quiz.
  • January 2012 (4.96MB)
    January Skies, Dennis Cochran; President’s Corner, Ron Pearson; Dawn at Vesta Update, NASA Space Place; cover image of Thor’s Helmet, Darrell Dodge.


  • December 2011 (2.1MB)
    December Skies, Dennis Cochran; Observing Asteroid 2005 YU55, Mike Hotka; 2011 Okie-Tex, Jack Eastman; Michael Carroll, January Speaker; Holiday Party News. Photos by Darrell Dodge (Flaming Star Nebula) and Joe Gafford (Asteroid 2005 YU55 sequence); Dob Maze answer, Lisa Judd.
  • November 2011 (4.1MB)
    Steve Innes Memorial Issue. Ron Pearson, Guest Editor. President’s Column – About Steve Innes; Cover Meteor Photo by Steve Innes. November Skies; “What Telescope is for Me?”; November Galaxies, Darrell Dodge; Holiday Party info and registration form; Finder Chart for Asteroid 2005YU55.
  • October 2011 (796kB)
    Van Nattan-Hansen Scholarship Award Winners; President’s Corner; October Skies; Comet Garradd finder charts; Vesta Fiesta Photo; Maze puzzle for cloudy nights; NASA’a Space Place: Dark Clues to the Universe; images by Joe Gafford (Comet Garradd) and Darrell Dodge (Wizard Nebula & Pacman Nebula).
  • September 2011 (971kB)
    Brooks Observatory Dedication (article & President’s Corner); September Skies; CAD preview; Solar System Size Surprise, NASA Space Place; Dr. Doug Biesecker to speak on space weather at Sept meeting; Grand Canyon star party; Images by Darrell Dodge (M8/M20 region), Brian Kimball (Comet Garradd/M71), Dr. Roger Hassell (ISS crossing the moon); answers to Galaxy crossword; September New Astronomer’s Den star chart.
  • August 2011 (825Kb)
    August Skies; Jack Eastman’s RTMC Travel Journal; President’s Corner; Info on Brooks Observatory Dedication; Vesta Fiesta preview; August Astronomer’s Den Star Chart; Lisa’s Galaxy Crossword. Images by Darrell Dodge and Joe Gafford.
  • July 2011 (919kB)
    July Skies, Dennis Cochran; Mike Hotka, benefits of doing the AL Observing Programs; President’s Corner, Ron Pearson; Jamie Riggs, Radio Astronomy, July speaker; Elephant Trunk cover image, Darrell Dodge; The Sun, by David Wolf; Planets Among the Stars, NASA.
  • June 2011 (688kB)
    June Skies, Dennis Cochran; President’s Corner, Ron Pearson; Gathering at the Grange, Keith Pool; June meeting: Bob Koff on how amateur astronomers can contribute to science; Brooks Observatory Taking Shape, Darrell Dodge; June 2011 New Astronomer’s Den Star Chart, Steve Solon; crossword puzzle by Lisa Judd; NASA Space Place: The Milky Way Project; two astro images by Darrell Dodge (M13 and Leo Trio).
  • May 2011 (703kB)
    Cleaning of a Classic Part Two, by Jack Eastman; May Skies; President’s Corner; May 2011 New Astronomer’s Den chart, Steve Solon; astro images by Darrell Dodge and Joe Gafford.
  • April 2011 (2.4MB)
    Cleaning of a Classic Pt One of Two, by Jack Eastman; April Skies; President’s Corner; April 2011 New Astronomer’s Den star chart, Steve Solon; GOES-R Zombie Fighter, NASA Space Place; Little Thompson Observatory Field Trip Planned; Images by Brian Kimball (Rosette in Hubbell Palette); Darrell Dodge (Witch Head & Rosette); Ron Pearson, (Discovery & ISS).
  • March 2011 (2.5MB)
    Messier Marathon, March Skies, President’s Corner, Spring Banquet speaker Naomi Pequette and registration, NASA Space Place: Thank Goodness the Sun is Single. Images by Alan Erickson (Jellyfish Nebula), Steve Solon (Andromeda Galaxy), Darrell Dodge (M81/82), and Joe Gafford (IC 410 – The Tadpoles).
  • February 2011 (2.9MB)
    Simple Aluminum Dobsonian Telescope, by David Shouldice; Help Wanted – DAS; February Skies, Dennis Cochran; President’s Corner; Planets in Strange Places, MASA Space Place; astro images by Darrell Dodge (Christmas Tree and Cone Nebula), Steve Solon (M46/M47 & NGC 2438), Joe Gafford (NGC 281 – Pac Man Nebula).
  • January 2011 (3.9MB)
    International Dark Sky Association, Carla Johns; President’s Corner; January Skies; DAS at “The Night the Stars Fell;” Huge Space Molecules, NASA Space Place; Solstice Total Eclipse photos by Brian Kimball, Joe Gafford, and Ron Pearson


  • December 2010 (5.3MB)
    Okie-Tex and Back Again, Jack Eastman; December Skies, Dennis Cochran; President’s Corner; Holiday Potluck news; DAS member renewals; data for total lunar eclipse, Dec 20-21; NASA’s “Blue Rings Around Red Galaxies;” Astronomer’s Den Star Chart for December; images by Darrell Dodge (Horsehead & Flame) and Alan Erickson (M33 – The Pinwheel Galaxy.)
  • November 2010 (3.2MB)
    Colorado Astronomy Day Recap in Photos; November Skies; President’s Corner; Juno’s Close Encounter with Jupiter; New Astronomer’s Den Sky Chart for November. Photos by Darrell Dodge (Pleiades); Joe Gafford (Bubble Nebula): Steve Solon & Ron Pearson (Astronomy Day).
  • October 2010  LowRes Color 0.6MB)
    Rebuilding the Student Telescope; Colorado Astronomy Days; Reunited in CA, Part II; October Skies; President’s Corner; New Astronomer Star Chart; Hunting Planets. Images by Alan Erickson (Flying Horse Nebula); Brad Gilman & Steve Solon (M27); Joe Gafford & Ron Pearson (Comet Hartley 2); Ron Pearson (Jupiter & Solar Prominences).
  • September 2010 (2.4MB)
    Reunited in California Part 1, by Jack Eastman; September Skies, Dennis Cochran; President’s Corner; September New Astronomer’s Den starchart; September Speaker – Jamie Lomax; Perseus report by Ron Pearson. Images: Alan Erickson’s H-alpha Elephant Trunk; Perseid & Orion photos by Ron Pearson; IC1318 – Butterfly Nebula, by Darrell Dodge.
  • August 2010 (2.51MB)
    August Skies, Dennis Cochran; President’s Corner from Alaska; August speaker: Dr. James Green and the Hubble ST; New Astronomers Den for August; Picnic pics, Joe Gafford; Black Holes. Images by Darrell Dodge (M31), Steve Solon and Brad Gilman (Moon) and Joe Gafford (Cat’s Paw Nebula).
  • July 2010 (2.8MB)
    July Skies, by Dennis Cochran; Warming Hut Rescue; President’s Corner; July Speaker: Archeoastronomer Herman Bender; Images by Darrell Dodge (M8, Trifid Nebula), Steve Solon (Virgo Cluster), Pat Gaines (Comet McNaught 2009 R1), and Alan Erickson (M20, Lagoon Nebula).
  • June 2010 (1.7MB)
    June Skies; President’s Corner; Space Day at DMNS; June Speaker: Tim Pimentel on Solar Observing; Jack Eastman on RTMC 2010. Images by Brad Gilman and Ron Pearson.
  • May 2010 (1.8MB)
    Clark-Saegmuller Sticky RA-Lock Mechanism Repair, Aaron Reed; Comet Eastman-Edwards-Gardner, Jack Eastman; President’s Corner, Ron Pearson; May Skies, Dennis Cochran. AstroPhotos: Tail of the Swan, Alan Erickson; The Neanderthal Nebula, Steve Solon; Siamese Twins, Joe Gafford.
  • April 2010 (1.9MB)
    April Skies; Ron Pearson’s President’s Corner; Steve Solon to present at April Meeting; “Take It from the Beginning,” new beginners outreach program, by Steve Solon; DAS astro images by Pat Gaines, Alan Erickson, and Joe Gafford; Space Day at DMNS; NASA’s traveling Lunar Exhibit; Deadly Planets.
  • March 2010 (3.0MB)
    To Larry, with Love: Tributes to Larry Brooks from DAS members; March Skies; President’s Corner; 2010 Spring Banquet reservation and preview; Bubble Nebula and Christmas Tree by Steve Solon; Herschel Space Observatory.
  • February 2010 (1.4MB)
    Goodbye to President Emeritus, Larry Brooks; cover image: Integral Sign Galaxy by Joe Gafford; Strasburg observatory takes shape; DAS scope loans; February Skies; President’s Corner; Dr. Jennifer Hoffman February meeting speaker; David Wolf’s Mars; Steven Solon’s M43; general election and spring banquet announcements.
  • January 2010 (1.9MB)
    January Skies; President’s Corner; Tribute to Hank Rael; Visit with Past President Carla Swartz, Jack Eastman; “Wish Upon the Sky” by Dennis Cochran; Dr. Suzanne Metlay on NEOs at the January Meeting. Images: The Moon, Steve Solon; California Nebula, Joe Gafford.


  • December 2009 (2.8MB)
    Colorado Astronomy Day Photos; Easy-View Mount; Astrophotos by Joe Gafford, Steve Solon, and Dave Wolf; President’s Corner; December Skies; Mines Gets a Scope; Holiday Potluck.
  • November 2009
    First Timer at Okie-Tex, Jack Eastman & Joe Gafford; November Skies, Dennis Cochran; President’s Corner; Dave Wolf’s Jupiter; Membership Renewal News; Holiday Potluck Announcement.
  • October 2009 (1.7MB)
    Presidents Corner: This Summer at Meyer-Womble Observatory; October Skies; Making an AL Observing Club Proposal; Spitzer, the Sequel; Joe Gafford’s Mu Cephei Nebula Cloud; Steve Solon’s Gamma Cygni Nebula Region.
  • September 2009 (2.6MB)
    WAA, A Brief History, by Jack Eastman; September Skies, Dennis Cochran; President’s Corner, by Ron Mickle; Colorado Exploradome, Craig Betzina; Joe Gafford’s Cat’s Paw; Steve Solon’s M4; IYA Imaging; Aaron Reid on Chamberlin Renovation at October Meeting.
  • August 2009 (1.1MB)
    Seeing Is … Seeing, Jack Eastman; Van Nattan-Hansen Awards; August Skies; President’s Corner; Recap of Laura Dafoe presentation; Siefert’s Sextet by Joe Gafford; M64 by Steve Solon.
  • July 2009  (1.5MB)
    Big Bear Reminiscences, by Jack Eastman; Ron Pearson’s “Heart of the Scorpion”; July Speaker, Mark Bottorff; President’s Corner, Ron Mickle; Tips for Submitting Images, Steve Solon; July Skies, by Dennis Cochran.
  • June 2009 (1.1MB)
    First Encounter with a BIG Telescope, by Jack Eastman; June GM  Speaker: Laura Dafoe on the ESA’s Descent Imager/Spectral Radiometer; Public Outreach; June Skies; President’s Corner; Bruce Blair Medal Winner; NASA Space Place.
  • May 2009 (1.3 MB)
    Monitoring Progress at Chamberlin; Remembering Libby Everhart; Messier Marathon 2009; Changes at RMSS;  May Skies by Dennis Cochran; President’s Corner; Joe Gafford’s PK164+31.1; May Speaker: Keith Gleason, by Keith Pool.
  • April 2009 (1.5 MB)
    Tribute to Sandy Shaw; April Skies by Dennis Cochran; Ron Mickle’s Presidents Corner; Spring Banquet; Philip Good, April General Meeting Speaker; New Clark- Saegmuller Telescope Operators; Flame & Horsehead Nebulae, Steve Solon; Joe Gafford’s Comet Lulin tail disconnection images..
  • March 2009 (1.3 MB)
    Archeoastronomy of the Chacoan Pueblo – Part 2, by Ron Mickle; new E-Board and officers photo; Ladies’ Night Out, by Wayne Kaaz; March Skies by Dennis Cochran; images by Joe Gafford and Phil Good; banquet info; AL CORner.
  • February 2009 (992KB)
    Archeoastronomy of the Chacoan Pueblo, by Ron Mickle, Holiday Potluck photos, February Skies, President’s Corner, DAS Imagers Gallery, Spring Banquet Plans.
  • January 2009 (1.02 MB)
    Atacama Large Millimeter Array, Part I, by Ron Mickle; Ron Pearson’s Moon-Venus-Jupiter Conjunction; New CCA Observatory; Presidents Corner; January Skies.


  • December 2008 
    Atacama Large Millimeter Array, Part I, by Ron Mickle; Steve Solon’s M31; December Skies; President’s Corner; Naomi Pequette on Archeo-Astronomy at January Meeting; Leavitt book review; Holiday Potluck info
  • November 2008
    Colorado Astronomy Day Wrap-Up and Photos; November Skies; President’s Corner (Auction); Upcoming Meetings
  • October 2008 (1.4 MB)
    Colorado Astronomy Day Preview; New Open House Team Leader; President’s Corner; October Skies; Joe Gafford’s Elephant Trunk; Phil Good’s Horsehead region.
  • September 2008 (1.2 MB)
    ALCON Report, 2008 Van Nattan-Hansen & Horkheimer Awards; Star Stare Photo Album; President’s Corner, September Skies, Phil Good’s Cocoon Nebula.
  • July 2008 (1,7MB)
    DAS Imager Profile: Joe Gafford, July Skies, Mark Bottorff “Dark Matter” preview, Renewal Date Update, DAS Member Picnic, astrophotos by Phil Good, Joe Gafford, Bryan Wilburn
  • June 2008  (2.7MB)
    Steve Solon’s Rosette Nebula, Presidents Corner, June Skies, Stephanie Pahl’s Analemma presentation at June General Meeting.
  • May 2008 (783KB)
    Summer is Star Party Time, Phil Good Astro Imager Profile, May Skies, New DAS Renewal Date, President’s Corner, Cover: Phil Good’s M31.
  • April 2008 (1.6MB)
    Van Nattan-Hansen Scholarship, Steve Solon Imager Profile, Chuck Carlson’s “Heavenly Intrigue,” President’s Corner, April Skies, Cover: Joe Gafford’s Whirlpool Galaxy.
  • March 2008 (1.2MB)
    Marathon Days! Annual Spring Banquet, Phil Good’s M13, March Skies, President’s Corner, Messier Marathon Part 2, DAS E-Board Election Results
  • February 2008 (4.6MB)
    Phil Good’s Monkey Head Nebula; February Skies; Presidents Corner; David Grinspoon to be February Speaker; Messier Marathon Part One; New Member Area on Web Site
  • January 2008 (1.8MB)
    “Image(ine) That,” Part III by Steve Solon; January Skies; David Wolf’s Pleiades, January speaker: Michael Carroll, space artist.


  • December 2007 (2.5MB)
    “Image(ine) That,” Part II by Steve Solon, December Skies, Joe Gafford’s Comet Holmes, Comet 17/P Holmes Gallery, President’s Corner.
  • November 2007 (961KB)
    November Skies; “Image(ine) That”, Part I by Steve Solon; President’s Corner; Holiday Potluck News; Phil Good’s Bubble Nebula.
  • October 2007 (1.1MB)
    October Skies, Dave Wolfe’s North American & Pelican Nebulae, October Meeting Speaker, Colorado Astronomy Day Report, President’s Corner, In Defense of Department Store Telescopes.
  • September 2007 (854KB)
    ALCON 2007 Report, September Skies, President’s Corner, Colorado Astronomy Day Preview, Naomi Pequette’s NYAA Award, Cosmic Cockroaches, images by Steve Solon, Joe Gafford & David Wolf.
  • August 2007 (922KB)
    August Skies; Phil Good’s Crescent Nebula; VP’s Report; Astronomy Week/Ferris Pre-Screening Flyer
  • July 2007 (558KB)
    July Skies; President’s Corner, July Speaker Max Moe
  • June 2007 (1.1MB)
    June Skies, M104, guest speakers for summer, Ron Mickle receives honor, DAS in the news, Summer friends
  • May 2007 (1MB)
    May Skies, News, “Becoming an AL Master Observer,” Darrell Dodge.
  • April 2007(1MB)
    Messier Marathon Report, John Bally preview, Banquet report, black hole breakfast, Messier Images
  • March 2007 (1MB)
    Orion’s Astrophysics Laboratory, Messier Marathon preview and observing hints.
  • February 2007 (4MB)
    Phil Good’s M42 image, Jim Holder’s Dusk and Daytime finder charts; Time, DST and April 15th
  • January 2007 (3.5MB)
    Year in Review Photo Album, Mark Bottorff preview, Space Weather for Air Travelers


  • December 2006
    Mercury Transit Report and Photo Album, Colorado Astronomy Day Report.
  • November 2006
    Ron Pearson’s Mercury Transit preview, Dark Site update, Promoting the DAS
  • October 2006
    Mercury Transit observing information, Pleiades Occultation
  • August 2006
    Hunting Pluto; image of the Pelican Nebula by Joe Gafford; AL Meeting.
  • July 2006
    Tribute to Jim Ohmer; Dave Tondreau’s “The IGY Gets a 50-Year Sequel”
  • June 2006
    Joe Gafford’s image of the Antennae Galaxies; John Anderson’s astronomical visit to Mauna Kea.
  • May 2006
    Total Eclipse in Egypt; Jim Firebaugh’s observing dome.
  • April 2006
    Lunar Occultations, by Wayne Green
  • March 2006
    The Extra-Galactic Discoveries of Dr. Herbert A Howe, at Chamberlin Observatory, Part 2, by Ron Pearson

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