DAS Activities

DAS Public Nights

Public Nights
Tuesday and Thursday at
DU's Historic Chamberlin Observatory
Current start time is 8:30 pm
Costs to the public are:
$4.00 adults, $3.00 children

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Public Night

Public Night Teams

Some of the Denver Astronomical Society’s brightest and most enthusiastic individuals lead Public Nights each Tuesday and Thursday at the University of Denver’s Historic Chamberlin Observatory.

Public Night teams are comprised of DAS members who serve the roles of key holder, telescope operator, lecturer, or apprentice.  All apprentices must serve for an extended period under the guidance of an experienced Public Night operator, who verifies their qualifications for a rigorous “check ride” test and that they have a working knowledge of Clark-Saëgmuller telescope operation parameters and safety requirements. Public outreach skills and knowledge of the night sky, including year-round object location abilities are also stressed.  After passing the “check ride,” prospective operators must pass a written certification exam that focuses on public safety and safe operation of the telescope and the observatory. All team members are re-certified on a regular basis.

List of Public Night & Open House Teams (3/22/2016)

Team & ScheduleTeam MembersRole(s)
Team #1 - TuesdayDarrell DodgeKey/Operator
David ShouldiceKey/Lecture/Operator
Scott Leach (L)Key/Operator
Ron HranacKey/Lecture
Dena McClungKey/Operator
Digby KirbyKey/Operator
Team #2 - ThursdayDavid Tondreau (L)Key/Lecture/Operator
Doug DreherOperator
Todd ThomasKey/Lecture/Operator
Jeff TropeanoApprentice
Alan PriceApprentice
Ryan WebsterApprentice
Team #3 - TuesdayDavid Shouldice (L)Key/Lecture/Operator
George HammondLecture
Dena McClungKey/Operator
Digby KirbyKey/Operator
Team #4 - ThursdayBrad Gilman (L)Key/Operator
Ken SturrockLecture
Joe KosicApprentice
Marcus TuepkerApprentice
Julie CandiaApprentice/Outreach Coord
Team #5 - TuesdayDarrell DodgeKey/Operator
John DoranLecture/Operator
David Shouldice (L)Key/Lecture/Operator
George HammondLecture
Digby KirbyKey Operator
Dena McClungKey/Operator
Team #6 - TuesdayStuart Hutchins (L)Key/Lecture/Operator
Hugh DavidsonKey/Operator
David ShouldiceKey/Lecture/Operator
Ted CoxOperator
Dena McClungKey/Operator
Digby KirbyKey/Operator
Dave GianakosOperator
Team #7 - Open HouseDena McClungKey/Operator
Brad GilmanKey/Operator
Dennis CochranTicket Taker
Hugh Davidson (L)Key/Operator
Tim KushApprentice